• One Step (only 10 trading days)
  • Requires NO Scaling
  • Free Ninja Trader License Key
  • Logical Rules: Manage Risk
  • Least Expensive Reset Fees Saving you Money
  • Fewest Reasons to Reset your Account Saving you Money

      And you are NOT penalized for:

  • Holding positions overnight (just watch your trailing loss limit in the Auto Liquidate Threshold of R Trader)
  • Entering too many contracts (simply rejected)
  • Trading during news events

Traders who pass the evaluation phase operate what are called…


  • Free NinjaTrader license key
  • No upfront data fees (we cover the fee until the account is in profit)
  • No Leeloo Monthly Fees while in the Performance Account
  • Option to start with a full size account with no contract restriction or scaling
  • Hold Positions overnight once appropriate margins have been met
  • Paid 100% of the first $8000 profit
  • Begin with 80/20% profit split with pathway to 90/10% once you have traded with Leeloo for 12 consecutive months

With a focus on Risk Management, we have tried to remove as many unnecessary obstacles as possible to provide a solution for your success. 

We have no hidden rules or snares in our goal to be completely transparent. 

We do not micromanage our paid-performance traders.  

We are not a conglomerate. 

We offer as much freedom and grace to you as we can, and ask for the same grace in return. 

We aim for the highest quality in customer service: we sometimes get swamped with inquiries or needs and we do our best- even on nights and weekends. 


Our Niche: Looking for Sustainable Trading Relationships

Our niche is working with traders long term. We believe the longer we can work with a trader, the more profitable it becomes for everyone involved. Once a trader has been trading with us long enough, we offer a 90/10 split and even up to a 95/5 split. Why? Because the longer you trade with us, the better we get to know you and your trading style and thus less risk for all of us, so why not reward YOU!

We are not a perfect fit for everyone. We want to partner with the RIGHT traders - traders whose goal and mindset is set on consistency in the markets for the long-term. We are not looking for “carnival game” traders who just want to “try their luck” and see what happens 

Please read through our more specific details below.  If our hub is the right fit for you we welcome you to join us, stay long and prosper!