Thank you Traders for your kind support!

Natural Trading, known as LEELOO TRADING, is more than just a funding company, in my opinion, it is a family and they make you feel part of their family. Since I started the evaluation, until today I operate live account, I have only received help from Jody, Kiley and the entire Leeloo team. In this world of funding, there are several companies that give the opportunity not to risk your money, but I personally, I know ALL the funding companies and in my opinion it is the best of all, from attention to trader, to punctuality with Trade payments.

-Bryan, Spain


I am very pleased to provide this unsolicited appraisal of my time and experience with LeeLoo/Natural Trading.  I approached the firm's representatives about having an opportunity to share my perspective because it stands out as the single best experience I've encountered in the prop trading/qualification space.
There are many fine firms from which to choose in the industry, and I have direct experience of many of them; TopStep and OneUp come immediately to mind.  What makes LeeLoo stand apart from the crowd, however, is their sincere desire for, and support of, every trader's success.  Their customer service is unparalleled in both its speed and--while it might sound surprising--empathy; they truly care whether their clients succeed and move forward in support of their trading careers.  Their long-term perspective in seeking lasting relationships with traders is unique in the industry, both in the trial and particularly in the funded phases of their program.  In addition--and important for many just starting out in the field--their fees are significantly lower than their competitors.
Again, trading provides both choices and freedom--choices of style and approach, and choices of firms with which to partner.  Freedom comes from learning to follow rules that work, which is the foundation of LeeLoo's risk management program.  In total, I believe they are the clear winner and the winning choice for traders.  I am truly glad to be working with them and I would encourage anyone seeking this kind of opportunity to partner with them as well.  You'll be very glad you did.
Dr. Thomas Stapleford
I have been working with different proprietary trading firms, however my experience with LEELOO has been the best I have had in the last two years. Being a consistent trader is the most difficult task I have encountered so far, and it gets even harder when you do not have the necessary capital to fund your own account, this is why traders often opt for these tryout services. Only few survive of course, however that is not just a function of talent and preparation; it has a lot to do with the environment and the risk limits being enforced by your firm. LEELOO has the most flexible, yet helpful risk limits, it provides the best profit target-to-max drawdown ratio for all of the account sizes, not to mention the phenomenal customer support and relationship. Jody and her team have been by my side every time I failed and are continuing to be supportive in this difficult journey. Unlike working with other firms, with LEELOO the interaction is more personal and I actually feel part of the team instead of being scrutinized with the risk limits and profit targets. I cannot recommend LEELOO enough to all developing and professional traders who are looking to build a consistent track record with an understanding and supportive firm.
-Meda Hoxha

Jody and the whole Leeloo team,

Just wanted to extend my thanks for the incredible service you provide. Also outstanding costumer support! Have also only heard great reviews from around the trading community. Appreciate the quick and easy refund.



I stick with Leeloo because you and Kiley offer me phenomenal support.  You both are always ready to help me.



For me Leeloo are the best funding company, Leeloo makes you have faith in humanity again.  Leeloo Trading team, I am really happy and grateful to you, I take this opportunity to apologize for so many e-mails asking about my transfer, the funds are already in my bank account and I only have to thank Leeloo a thousand times, I am more than happy to work with you, I will continue to recommend you everywhere, I have no more words for you, thank you for your patience in answering all my questions, in truth, I hope someday I will have the privilege of meeting you in person. I love them¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ 

- Jesus (Paid- Performance  account)


By the way, I love the rules. Able to trade with some room, and not have to worry about 1 min before and after, and what to be flat for, etc. Let us trade and be beneficial to all. 

- PR 


The Leeloo Team provide such excellent service. I really appreciate the swift response time in answering my questions via email. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a funding partner.



Trading with Leeloo has been a great experience. The team is very responsive with any questions that come up - no matter what time of day. Compared to other programs I have tried in the past, Leeloo is not only an affordable option but have the best service and are really a pleasure to work with. 

- JZ from Chicago, IL USA 


I am glad to see competition coming into this marketplace - it's great to have options as a trader and challenge the status qu o.It seems to me like some of the other programs have too many rules that aren't about your quality of trading - more like following their admin rules. So, you can be winning, but if you don't follow one of their rules, your account is closed. Leeloo has eliminated a lot of that clutter. You are judged mainly of the execution of a winning trading plan - and shouldn't that be the way? I also found their daily loss limits, draw down and pricing to be very competitive.
Thanks for creating a program that lets the traders do what they do best... trade!

- Steve R USA 


I have yet met as genuine and good hearted people like you and Jody through any internet firms. God bless you guys and wish you all the best.

- JB from AZ


LeeLoo Trading has been the most transparent and easy to work with funded trader program I have ever personally had the chance to work with. I have tried several other programs but all had very difficult parameters for my particular style of trading. LeeLoo, on the other hand, has been a pleasure to work with as they are always there willing to answer any questions you have and support you throughout every step of the way to becoming funded. I am here to say they have funded me and I look forward to scaling my way up to financial freedom with the help of LeeLoo Trading.

 - Lou from Wash D.C.


I traded within the micro-transition account. At first I had reservation, but then liked it. It offered a nice transition into a live account and removed a lot of the emotions that go with trading live. I ended up hitting my loss limit but not until Phase 3. But that was of no fault of the program I overleveraged. I will continue working with Leeloo and encourage others to work with them also.

- Jon, Colorado


A few months back I signed up with Leeloo Trading with the recommendation of a good friend. It didn’t take long for me to realize that there was something special going on at Leeloo. The level of support that Jody has provided me has been unrivaled by competitors to this date. On numerous occasions Jody has gone out of her way to assist me in achieving my goals. From what I gather she spends what seems to be 24 hours a day making sure everyone seeking funding has all the resources they need to succeed. 

The way she has treated me I can only equate to that of a loving older sister who’s there looking out for my best interest, and who just so happens to be an astute business woman as well as an accomplished trader herself. She truly wants you to be a success in everyday life as well as in trading. The services she has provided to me as well as to others will continue helping members achieve their financial goals far into the future. 

The opportunity of a lifetime awaits those who really want take their life as trader to that next level. With her fair pricing and transparency there aren’t many hoops you are required to jump through to become a funded Leeloo trader. It’s very rare in life to find someone with such a genuine heart who has your best interest in the forefront of their minds while at the same time running a business. After communicating with her numerous I have little doubt that LeeLoo will continue to grow providing next level support while at the same time making you feel as if you are working in a family business. 

So if you think you have what it takes to be a funded trader do yourself and solid and give Leeloo a go. I haven’t regretted it and neither will you.

Happy Tick Farming.

- "Billy Boy"


Simple trading rules. Not designed to fail traders as other competitors do as they are doing a DEMO acct behind you telling you that it is LIVE. So your failure is in their best interest, not with LeeLoo. They take pains for you to succeed. No unneeded rules to liquidate holdings during press conferences and stuff.

You guys have put together a really cool system, and your pricing is perfect. Your rules are also the best: true to what really matters in trading, managing risk.

- George, NY


I like the structure of just $1000 a month and then the large payout after month 5. It helps my mindset in looking to the future of consistency in the markets. And, thank you for the payment.

- Jon CO


Thank you very much your attention! Among all companies that fund traders this is the one that best understands us as to the operational and flexibility, THANK YOU!

- Johan Ramirez