If an account has reached its Limited Minimum Account Balance (max loss), a reset can be executed if you wish to continue trading your account within your subscription period.

If you do not hit your max loss but only your Daily limit- you are blocked from placing a trade until 18:00 EST (next market open).  It does not REQUIRE a reset to continue your account, but you have the option if you do not wish to wait. 

1.  Please LOGIN to your Member’s Area at Leelootrading.com   (Which Login?)

2. Click 'Reset Fee'. 

3. Follow the payment instructions to pay the $75 reset fee.

4. Once you make payment, your account will be reset.

5.  Wait a few minutes, Log out of your Platform and back in.  You should see the Account Balance refreshed.  Your Rithmic Credentials and Platform connection remain the same, however you will have a new Account Name (i.e. LL000907-006 ...  note the new suffix)

Resets are usually immediate but can take up to 60 minutes for the system to process. We appreciate your patience and your kindness in working with us. If you do not see your reset within 60 minutes, please contact us via our contact form.


Special Note...

Your expiration date stays the same when you purchase a reset. You are just refreshing the initial balance of your account so you can continue trading within your subscription period. Your expiration date is only extended when your subscription auto renews on it's regular bill cycle date or you purchase a new Account.  Additionally, if you reset your account, your minimum required number of trading days to qualify is reset to 10.  Any previous active trading days will not count toward your 10 day minimum.  Your Initial Balance has been reset and you must now place trades on a minimum of 10 individual days while reaching your profit target to qualify.