Trade a minimum of 10 days.

No Maximum Days Required | During a Reset, the trading days start over

Trade at least 10 days to illustrate consistency and showcase your ability across various market conditions (days do not need to be consecutive). A trading day is any day that you place an order in the market.

During a reset, your number of trading days required starts over and you need a minimum of 10 days from your reset date.

Managing Risk with a Minimum of 10 Trading Days Elaborated. At LeeLoo Trading we understand each trader has unique work and life schedules, just as unique are the vast amounts of trading styles, risk tolerances, and account sizes.

       This is why LeeLoo Trading is only interested in the trader's ability to show consistency in managing risk, whether by means of a more aggressive short-term scalping approach or a more conservative longer-term style approach or by any combination in between, we also understand one might only consider taking a fewer higher probability trades over non-consecutive days.

       This is the reason why we try to cater to most of the trading methodologies and approaches inquiring to be funded. The primary objective is for each trader achieving to get funded by Leeloo is their proof of at least 10 days consistency. These days need not be consecutive, back to back, but can be proven over time without the concern of having to be actively engaged in the markets on a daily basis.