We would love for you to join our Affiliate Program to earn commissions on any trader you refer to us!

It is our gratitude for your assistance in reaching our cherished trading community.   Whether it be a new trader who does not want to put his own capital at risk or a veteran who desires the leverage to reach new heights-  we offer the most accessible and affordable pathway to success. 

As a Leeloo Affiliate you are paid a 10% commission for each trader you refer to Leeloo-  up to 6 months for the lifespan of any Evaluation account subscription. 

Please follow these steps:

  1. Please fill out this form: Leeloo Affiliate
  2. Once we receive notification that you filled out the Leeloo Affiliate form, we will enable your affiliate status;
  3. Once you status is enabled, you can log into your Leeloo member's area and you will see a tab that is labled: 'Affiliate Info'



  • Make sure you enter your valid PayPal email for all payouts;
  • If you don't see your 'affiliate info' tab in your member's area within 24 hours, email us via our contact form;
  • In the affiliate tab, you can track your statistics as well as download a Leeloo logo and receive your affiliate link for marketing


Thank you so much for joining our team!