If you desire, you can trade the EUREX.

However, the exchange charges additionally if you'd like to trade their data.  The Evaluation rate the Eurex exchange charges us is much higher than their discounted live data rate.  So we simply pass the cost directly on to you.  The rate is $110/user/month during the Evaluation Account phase and also our Paid- Performance Accounts.

If you'd like to trade this...

1. Please sign up for a subscription package at LeelooTrading.com

2. Once you have purchased a subscription package, you can pay the $110 USD in your member's area under EUREX.

There are only a small subset of Eurex products that are able to be offered.  The list below are the products that are offered by default.  

  • FDAX
  • FDXM
  • FESX
  • FGBL
  • FGBM
  • FGBS
  • FGBX

While Eurex products trade in EUR, the platforms will display account balance and PNL in a single currency. The platforms use the prior settlement price of the EUR/USD rate and calculate the estimated liquidating value of the account in USD. 

**This is a recurring subscription until you cancel it.